Thursday, April 25, 2013

Favorite Movie

Do you really want to know?  OK, so I'll just get it over with and tell you...

Favorite Movie, Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Nicholas Sparks

Well, that and The Matrix anyways.  But for the purposes of this post, it's The Notebook.  I mean, look at that picture!  How can you not like it?  She's definitely up there on my list.  "The List?" you say?  Yeah, THE List, topped by Aubrey, of course.  And screened by her as well.

Seriously, this is a movie that if I stumble upon it while watching TV, I watch it.  It goes without saying that I own a copy of it.  But still, I will stop flipping channels and finish the film.  To be fair, I actually don't watch TV like that anymore now that the DVR has become a mainstay for me.

I'm not really going to write a review on it, that's not the reason for this post.  I just wanted to put it out there.  But I will tell a story:

About 3 years ago on a chilly fall evening after the kids had been neatly tucked away.  Ok, you got me already.  Of course the kids weren't "neatly" tucked away.  Getting the kids to bed is a process.  They're hungry, excited, scared, etc.  I usually get called in to their room at least 3 times after they've been "neatly" tucked away.  As frustrating as it is sometimes, it all pays off for those times when I get called in to their room to here a soft, small "I love you."  Oh, those are the best!

Anyways, back to the crisp fall night.  I was flipping through the channels on TV, and you guessed it!  I came across The Notebook playing on TNT or something like that.  So you know me well enough by now to know that I watched the entire thing.  ALONE.  Alone, that is, until Aubrey came waltzing in after she had finished up editing a video.

Aubrey sat down beside me, positioned sort of in front of me though because the TV is positioned to the right of the love seat that we were sitting on.  This is part of the main point of the story as you'll see.  But it's important to know that she couldn't see my face unless she deliberately turned to look at me.

This is scene that she walked in on:

The room was silent as we watched.  We held each other close, just as Noah and Allie were (except we didn't die).  Is that a spoiler?  I hope not!  After all these years, if you haven't seen the best movie ever, shame on you!  We didn't say a word, we just had a romantic moment.  That is until Aubrey turned to me and saw this:

Except it wasn't Brendan Fraser.  It was me and I my hair is a bit different and it was nighttime and it was indoors.  But that was my look when she turned to me.  I was stifling a sob.  Our beautiful, romantic moment turned into hysterical laughter mixed with sobs from both of us.  It was awesome.

And a GREAT memory.


  1. You got me at the Brendan Fraser part, which kind of how I looked like when I first saw this movie too, except there were a bunch of us dudes in the same room holding back our tears but failing miserably... :D Great post :)

    1. Oh man! With all your dudes? Awesome!

    2. Yeah, it was one of your, "Hey sh*tface, I bet you'd cry watching this movie" nights and then another guy goes, "Bring in the beer and let's get this movie started then..." It all ended with, "Let's never talk about this EVER."

    3. Unless you're talking about Rachel McAdams...

  2. The only reason you have a "list" is because I'm at the top of it. ;) But I will was a good moment. I love that you love that movie. And I hope you get emotional because you are thinking of me. ;) Love you!

    1. Of course you're at the a long ways too!