Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Am I a Quitter?

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I wouldn't call myself a runner.  In fact, I'm definitely not a runner.  But I do run to stay fit.  I'm just not very good at it nor do I like it very much.  But it is effective.  I started running a little over 10 years ago because my job requires me to be fit.  I have improved over those years, so maybe in another 10 years I'll actually enjoy running and be good at it.  I'd even be okay with enjoying running while not being very good at it.

I've mostly limited to my runs to around the neighborhood and a few 5K and 10K races here and there.  In fact I've only ran 4 10K races.  I did run the Wasatch Back Ragnar relay three times with my friends too, which was fun.

Also to note, I don't really like to think of these as races either.  Not to diminish what the really good runners are doing, but let's face it, there are only around a dozen people who are really racing in these "races".  Am I right?  I usually finish in the middle.

This year I finally decided it was the year to run a half marathon.  So I signed up in January to run in the Riverton Half Marathon, which was scheduled for late March.  That gave me plenty of time to train and be prepared.  I even procured the necessary equipment to train outdoors through the winter.

I began my training dutifully by printing off a training schedule from RunnersWorld.com and sticking to that schedule.  But then my entire family got the flu.  The REAL flu.  You know, the one that puts you on your back for 3 days?  So that was a big set back.  Nonetheless, I continued training.

Then in early March I was scheduled to run my first real long run (8 miles).  I barely made it.  Ugh!  I do think I made the mistake of not bringing any water or sustenance to replenish myself during the run.  Either way, I was super disappointed in myself and very discouraged.

Guess what happened the very next day.  No, guess!  That's what my youngest son would say if I didn't make a guess after he asks me "Guess what, Dad?"  I digress.  The very next day, I was hit with the stomach flu!  You know, the kind that makes you puke for 12 hours while you wish you were dead?  So that was a MAJOR setback.  And one that was the last straw.

I gave up.  I quit.  I decided not to run the race.  I even asked my friend if he wanted to run it with my registration.  He said no and that I should put my big boy pants on and run it myself.  Ouch!

So, this leads me to the question that I titled this post with.  Am I a quitter?

Wait, before you answer that, here's a little bit more information:

The night before my race I asked my buddy one last time if he wanted to use my registration for the run.  I told him I had picked up my shirt and number and everything.  He said that it was going to be too cold for him and that I should put my big boy pants on again and just run the race.

The morning of the race I woke up, looked out the window, and what did I see?  A HUGE snow storm!  Boy was I glad that I had already decided not to run the race!  That would have been miserable!  Within the hour of me looking out the window, I got an email from Riverton City saying that the race had been cancelled and that I'd be receiving a full refund of my registration fee.  What!?  Awesome!?

Not only would I get my money back but I got to forward that email to my "big boy pants" buddy telling him that I AM NOT A QUITTER!

Or am I?


  1. You do make a good case. I have to admit. Those sicknesses were some of the worst we've EVER had! You should have posted the pic of you running in the snow. I think times like that should count towards your dedication and no one would call you a quitter after seeing those. ;)

  2. The snow running is my profile picture. I think technically I didn't quit but in my heart I think I did.I'll have to sign up for another half for this summer.

  3. Lance- this was a great story! Not technically a 'quitter' in the end, after all. :) And there's always next March, right?

    1. Yes but March is such a crummy time for a "race" because of the training through the winter aspect. Ugh I guess I'll still shot for it. Thanks for your support! Btw that is a begrudging thank you ;)

  4. This was a pretty ambitious goal for someone who doesn't enjoy running. What kind of music playlist are you working with?

    1. Ambitious indeed. But I think it's the next step. I've been doing 10Ks and the Ragnar...My music is just pop, Top 40 type stuff. Do you have any suggestions? I think my main problem with disliking running is that I run too hard. I really should just slow down and enjoy the outdoors more. I need to formulate a strategy for doing that unless I'm training for a race, then I can run hard.