Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5 Things

Here's a list (off the top of my head) of five things that are almost always on my mind.  A little disclaimer here seems to be in order.  These aren't necessarily the top five things, although I did try to rank them.  But on any given day, I might have another topic or two squeeze it's way onto the list.  And another thing, these aren't necessarily worries I have either.  These may be things that I want to be better at or have goals in.  But that doesn't exclude them from being worries either.

On my mind, thinking, worry, worrying,

5.  Yard work -  Can you tell it's Spring?  I have a couple of dead spots in my lawn.  There are worms eating my lawn!  How annoying!  Luckily, the company that is already treating my lawn to make it beautiful covers this too!  One phone call did the trick.  They made a special trip out to spray for grubs.  Now I just need the weather to get more comfortable so I'll actually feel like getting out there to do some sod styling (lawn mowing).  Maybe I'll take up the offer from the neighbor boy who wants to cut my grass this year.

4.  Work- Of course.  If you're not thinking about your occupation, you're probably either not very good at it or you've figured out a way to be good at it while prioritizing other parts of your life.  For me, I'm looking for that happy medium.  That said, I can't wait to retire!  : )

3.  Finances - And another of course.  I mean, bills, savings, retirement, college fund, entertainment, etc. etc. etc.  Enough said?  Maybe not.  I'll keep thinking on this one.  : )

2.  Relationships - OK this one is here because it's good for me to have this on my mind all of the time.  Whether it be loved ones or acquaintances, I would like to get better at my relationships.  I'm learning that one of the key elements to this is being authentic.  I'm learning that being authentic means to be open about your thoughts and feelings.  It means that I have to figure out what I'm feeling if I'm going to be open about that.  Like, why am I frustrated or angry or happy?  And not to just be happy or frustrated or angry, but to articulate the reasons for those feelings.  I think it will help me have stronger relationships.

1.  My children's future - Definitely number 1.  This one includes a lot of worrying.  But A LOT more joy, too.  I'm always telling my kids that my job is to love them and to keep them safe.  Of course loving and keeping them safe entails a ton of stuff, but that's what it boils down to.  I feel like this deserves a post all it's own.  So maybe I'll work on that to expound.

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  1. I wonder what my top 5 would be? I'll have to think about it. ;) And man, I thought I would at least have my own "Aubrey" title as one of your top 5! I guess I'm probably meshed in the 'relationships' section. What gives?! j/k I know, I know, I saw the disclaimer. ;)